ZATCA Thwarts Attempts to Smuggle 651,909 Captagon and Narcotic Pills

Tuesday 1444/11/17 - 2023/06/06
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Riyadh, June 06, 2023, SPA -- The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has thwarted three attempts to smuggle 651,909 Captagon and narcotic pills hidden in consignments that entered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through different ports.
In one case, 93,750 narcotic tablets were found hidden in a truck coming in through the Duba Port. In another, 356,559 narcotic tablets were found hidden in a consignment of various goods arriving in through Jeddah Islamic Port Customs. In yet another, 201,600 Captagon pills were found hidden in the floor of a truck coming in through Al-Haditha port.
ZATCA coordinated with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control to have seven individuals who were supposed to receive the consignments arrested.
The authority urges all citizens to contribute to combating smuggling to protect society and the national economy by reporting on any attempt at smuggling or selling drugs at the designated number for security reports (1910), via e-mail:, or through the international number 00966114208417. Through these channels, ZATCA receives reports related to smuggling and violations of the provisions of the unified customs system and treats them with complete confidentiality; a financial reward is given to the informer if the tip proves true.
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