GCC Secretary General: 2nd Gulf Youth Day Is Testimony to GCC Countries Leaders' Care for Youth

Tuesday 1444/11/17 - 2023/06/06
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Riyadh, June 6, 2023, SPA -- Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Jassem Albudaiwi has stressed that the Gulf Youth Day, in its second edition, is testimony to the GCC member states leaders' care for the youth of their countries.
The day highlights the efforts exerted by the leaders of the GCC to hone the youths' talents and develop their capabilities, Albudawi said, adding that the leaders' meetings always underscore the significance of investing in this important segment of the society, which is the wealth of the GCC countries.
Albudaiwi also said that the leaders' meetings also underline the importance of taking advantage of the GCC youths' creativity and creating opportunities that enable them to achieve their aspirations and accomplish the GCC countries' goal of achieving sustainable development, in view of the fact that young people in GCC countries represent the largest percentage of its social fabric.
The Gulf Youth Day is marked annually on June 6.
"This day comes to highlight the efforts of all relevant government and private agencies in the GCC states, especially the ministries of youth and sports, to care for the youth, refine their talents and develop their abilities, empower them to overcome all obstacles and harness all their capabilities, promote awareness of the need to empower young people," said Albudawi.
He added that the day is also an occasion to "highlight initiatives, incentives, modern trends, government support programs for medium and small enterprises, education and training, and volunteer work, and its importance to young people, by organizing activities and initiatives to support them, focus on their issues, take advantage of their positive energies, for effective and continuous community empowerment, as well as understanding their capabilities and harnessing them when having them partners in society, and striving to support them and identify those capable of leading and participating effectively," to the progress of society. "Our role is not only to motivate the youths and help them overcome obstacles, but also to celebrate their successes, as commemorating their achievements and experiences is one of the greatest incentives that push them to accomplish more successes. Any success that is achieved in any of the countries of our blessed region is considered an accomplishment for all countries of the council, because we are operating under one umbrella, and we share the same vision and future," he added.
On this occasion, Albudaiwi expressed gratitude to the ministers of youth and sports in the GCC states, for their keenness to implement the directives issued by their leaders, and for striving to overcome all obstacles and harness all capabilities to serve the youths. He also thanked them for their constant cooperation in serving young people and bolstering partnership, coordination and integration to achieve the desired goals, and for preparing and carrying out a joint GCC strategy and programs for youth.
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