Royal ‎Commission for Riyadh City Announces Opening UK Beech Hall School in Riyadh

Monday 1444/11/16 - 2023/06/05
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Riyadh, June 5, 2023, SPA – The Royal ‎Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) has announced the opening of the Beech Hall School in Riyadh; the school is one of the most prestigious in the UK. The opening of the school is due to RCRC’s ‎International Schools Attraction Program, which is implemented in partnership between the Ministry of Investment ‎and Ministry of Education; it is part of RCRC endeavors to create a high-quality educational environment, offer unique and ambitious learning and work opportunities that keep pace with the development vision for Riyadh, which envisages making it one of the world's largest city economies.
Acting General Manager of Education Sector Development ‎at RCRC Hala Halawani said that the new international schools being opened in the capital ‎city are aimed at strengthening the education ecosystem by bringing in global ‎teaching expertise and creating first-class educational opportunities for ‎all Riyadh population. She stressed that the Beech ‎Hall School will provide a new learning philosophy and comprehensive curricula.
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