GFSA Ready with Second Tender to Import Wheat in 2023

Monday 1444/11/16 - 2023/06/05
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Riyadh, June 5, 2023, SPA – The General Food Security Authority (GFSA) has readied the second tender to import wheat this year, at a volume of 624,000 tons, from Europe, North and South America, Australia and areas around the Black Sea.
GFSA's Governor Eng. Ahmad Al-Fares said that the new shipment of wheat is contracted to maintain the strategic stock of wheat at safe levels, and to meet the demand of the grain milling companies.
Al-Fares added that the second batch of imported wheat will be supplied during September and October through 10 shipments distributed as follows: three for Jeddah Islamic Port, weighing 186,000 tons, four for Yanbu Commercial Port, with 249,000 tons, and three for King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, amounting to 189,000 tons.
Fifteen global companies specialized in grain trade competed to supply the amount to be imported; two that bid lowest were selected.
To view the bids for GFSA's tenders, please visit the following link:
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