Malaysian Foreign Minister Hails Makkah Road Initiative as Creative Idea

Wednesday 1444/11/11 - 2023/05/31
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Kuala Lumpur, May 31, 2023, SPA -- The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Malaysia, Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, on Tuesday visited the hall of Makkah Road Initiative at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in the presence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Malaysia, Mesaad Ibrahim Al-Sulaim.
Abdul Kadir checked on the preparedness of the hall to serve the pilgrims in Malaysia and facilitate their travel procedures to the Kingdom to perform Hajj.
The foreign minister hailed the initiative as a creative idea and approach by the Saudi government to facilitate and accelerate the travel procedures for pilgrims from their countries to the Kingdom, voicing his appreciation and gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The initiative, which the Ministry of Interior launched within the Pilgrim Experience Program, one of the programs of Saudi Vision 2030, aims to complete the travel procedures for the beneficiary pilgrims in their countries, starting with issuing the visa electronically and taking the vital characteristics, passing through the completion of passport procedures at the airport of the country of departure after verifying health requirements, and coding and sorting luggage according to transportation and accommodation arrangements in the Kingdom.
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