Residents in Jazan: Ramadan in the Kingdom is an Experience Hoped by All Muslims

Monday 1444/9/5 - 2023/03/27
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Jazan, March 27, 2023, SPA -- In all parts of the world, Muslims come together around the Iftar table, but the habits observed in this holy month, including the manner in which they spend their days and have Iftar and Suhur varies from place to place and from country to country, with each having its own distinctive traits, according to the culture of the place inherited through generations.
In the Kingdom, Muslims spend the month in communion and spirituality.
Muslim communities from among guest workers receive constant care from the wise leadership whose many initiatives and facilities guarantee that they enjoy a decent stay in the Kingdom. Authorities spare no efforts to provide services to Muslim communities, just like to all other communities, during the Holy Month of Ramadan and facilitate procedures for those wishing to perform Umrah or visit the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Holy Mosque.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) met a number of residents in Jazan to get familiarised with their Ramadan habits and the manner in which they immerse themselves in spirituality and virtue. Indian national Shamim Mukhtar, who works for a Dawah and guidance association in the villages of Al-Malha and Al-Mukhlaf, in Sibya Governorate, said that his work in the association is to invite non-Muslim Indian communities residing in the region to take part in several programmes.
During Ramadan, he said, meetings are held and Ramadan lectures are presented in several languages at the association, including showing some foodstuff served during the month, such as dates, sambosak and rice.
Preacher Mohammed Avern, from the Philippines, who has been residence and working in the Kingdom for nearly 15 years, said that spending Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is one of the greatest experiences any Muslim from any country would wish for. He stressed that ever since his arrival in the Kingdom, those responsible for him have been treating him well, and that he enjoys his co-workers' respect and appreciation.
He added that fasting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a blessing that all Muslims wish for, particularly in view of the safety and security in the country.
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