Cyber Counterterrorism International Conference Concludes with Several Recommendations

Thursday 1444/5/14 - 2022/12/08
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Madinah, December 8, 2022, SPA -- Cyber Counterterrorism International Conference 2022, organized by the Islamic University in Madinah, in its final statement, recommended intensifying relevant scientific research efforts in identifying methods of cyberterrorism, its objectives, causes and ways of confronting it locally, regionally and globally, and establishing websites at the level of individuals and institutions to be supervised by personalities known for their moderation.
The final statement of the two-day conference, which saw more than 60 research papers on cyberterrorism, also included a recommendation to prepare a comprehensive and integrated scientific plan for intellectual protection against cyberterrorism, to establish research centers specialized in the field of ideological extremism and cyberterrorism, and study its causes and objectives and ways of confronting it, and to intensify efforts in spreading the true faith in Islamic societies and to activate the role of guides, sermon deliverers, academics, guidance units at universities and stakeholders at various media outlets – mainly technical media – to promote and develop self-censorship among Muslim youth, for their great impact on protection against cyberterrorism.
The statement also called for enacting laws and developing international conventions governing cyberspace, strengthening the existing international law frameworks and creating a unified international model of criminal activity pertaining to cyberterrorism in a bid to overcome conflict of laws and lack of clarity of international jurisdiction over cyberterrorism crimes and the need to establish regulatory and oversight bodies responsible for strengthening the role of countering cyberterrorism and establishing research and study institutes that encourage and support innovative ways and strategies to combat this phenomenon.
The conference urged stakeholders to highlight the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to combat terrorist ideologies in all its forms and manifestations and their impact on curbing extremism and terrorism, draining its sources of its thoughts and funding at various levels, in addition to building a national strategic partnership that brings together government agencies, institutions and research centers concerned with combating extremism and intellectual terrorism, as well as those concerned with cybersecurity, information security, data management and artificial intelligence.
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